Amazon Music is a music streaming platform and online music store operated by Amazon. Launched in public beta on September 25, 2007, in January 2008 it became the first music store to sell music without digital rights management.


Artists Management - Redesign

Amazon Music has decided to give artists control of their catalogues on their platform. For the first time, artists can manage their own albums, upload their own artwork, sell specific merchandise, add lyrics to their music etc. and it’s all on their own terms. Design a Web-based editor and artist management system that allows artists to manage their presence on Amazon Music.


Domain Research Tool Design Wireframing User Research
Phase 1

Market Research

Being a Music Enthusiast, I started with the domain research looking for new knowledge in terms of business' objective. I have explored histry and heirarchy of music industry, popular names, stories, developments on music streaming platforms.


Business objective

  1. Amazon.com has a long-established business network of Music Labels and distributors since the vinyl music.
  2. It has a good market share in the entertainment industry through prime etc.
  3. Amazon is unique among its peers in its vertical integration with eCommerce.
  4. Amazon Music is looking to invite more talent by offering album management services in this rapidly transforming entertainment industry
  5. Amazon Music wants to add new abilities to its existing artistcentral.amazon.com through a redesign.

The Demand for an Artist Platform

  1. iTunes, Spotify, etc. are the key players alongside
  2. Demand for Artist management system as the industry is moving away from distributions and old methods
  3. New Talent rising across the globe seeking aid.
  4. Online streaming offers better royalty to artists and cheaper music to consumers
  5. Artists grow from a singular person to bands and teams through their careers.
  6. The user experience of Making & Consuming Music is growing in demand.
Phase 2

User Research

I wanted interview some artists but due to unavailability, I had to assume user personas and roleplay scripted interviews to approximate the behavioural model, needs, goals and painpoints of artists.


Card Sorting

Upon empathising with the users and market research analysis, I found areas of concentration in the artist management platform and sorted the painpoints and requirements gathered into those areas.


Brainstorming & Sketching

While applying the insights learned, I sketched some task flows and screen ideas.

Phase 3


Putting desired UX into Wireframes


Lyric Editor


The Known Interface of Lyric Editor is complex and outdated. Users of this age are looking for a simple and sophisticated tool.

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